Last July 25, was held the Deciphering IoT event in San Francisco at Intercontinental Hotel and we were present at the event.

Internet of Things is one of the most highlighted growth areas by all IT analysts. In fact, any significant business forecast for the next years includes IoT, in one form or another.

The IoT Deciphering event explored how the Internet of Things has become the driving force behind improving efficiency, generating revenue opportunities and solving business problems in various industries and all functional business areas. Also, it was important for Konker to strengthen its network of partners and to be increasingly present in the global IoT ecosystem. During the event, relevant topics such as Value Creation in IOT using Augmented Reality, Security, and Monetization Models were discussed.

Our Head of Product & Marketing, Rafael Ferraz, highlighted the life cycle of an IoT project, as one of the principal themes of the event. “Developing applications and devices for IoT have unique challenges. Before starting an IoT project, companies must plan the entire lifecycle, from design to end of life.” Comment Rafael Ferraz.

During this panel, the companies discussed the entire IoT project life cycle: building, testing, implementing and managing IoT applications, and shared tips to streamline and accelerate the development process. “Understanding the challenges you can face at each stage of the life cycle and how to address them is critical to a successful IoT project,” appends Rafael Ferraz.

Internet of Things World 2017, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center,  in the heart of Silicon Valley between the 13th and 17th of May, brought together hundreds of companies and leaders in the IoT space. With a new look for 2017, were 3 days of learning, discovery, partying and networking of course. Also were at the event 150+ startups and 250+ exhibitors. Of course, that the Konker returned from this the event and we highlights here in our blog the 8 Takeaways discussed from the event.
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The Mobile World Congress 2017 was a success, as always. Of course the Internet of Things theme was present and many cases of real use of IoT were discussed. I share here with you 3 trends that I thought relevant this year.

1. IoT Security

Security remains a priority when it comes to IoT, especially with recent IoT DDoS attacks and other high-level violations. A great panel titled “Enabling Security in IoT,” organized by Stuart Carlaw from ABI Research, focused on helping the public understand the full IOT security scenario and what needs to be done to ensure security in their IoT services . If you’d like, take a look at another IoT security article on our blog clicking here.

2. 5G

The industry has been talking about 5G for some time now, and discussions have continued to gain momentum this year with service providers focused on announcing significant advances to 5G and in how they come together to work on 5G standardization. The highlight was for Korea Telecom which has announced that it intends to be the first commercially available 5G network in 2019.

3. Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs)

LPWAN technologies like LoRa and Sigfox, without licensing, have been featured in past editions of the MWC. This year the main focus was on licensed technologies, particularly NB-IoT. Highlight for the 3GPP that completed its NB-IoT standardization, and a large number of service providers announced that they intend to support NB-IoT.

LTE-M had a lot of prominence as well, with dozens of service providers announcing their LTE-M availability. Telefonica and Verizon, for example, have confirmed their support for the global deployment of LTE-M.

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The internet of things brings a great change in the way we do everything. We raise the main points of this issue for you to understand more about it and find out why you should invest in this trend

Remember the Jetsons? We do not have flying cars or robots who talk as they pass mop in the house, but know that the great revolution of technology and machines in favor of human life has begun and has a name: Internet of things.

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Konker participated in one of the largest conferences about the Internet of Things, the IoT World 2016 in Santa Clara – California, which happened between the 10th and the 12nd of May. The third edition of the event has attracted about 15,000 people, including companies working with IoT solutions, exhibitors and speakers. According to the IoT Analytics, some themes were featured during the event. Check out some of them below:

  1. Second wave of IoT: several panel discussions were presented at IoT World introducing the notion of a second wave of IoT. The IoT industry is moving on from just connecting things and trying out what works (wave 1) to actually developing new IoT-based business models (wave 2).
  2. IoT Security is being recognized as the part of the stack: a very positive development is the fact that IoT Security appears getting more attention and depth. It is no more seen as an inconvenient afterthought, but rather as a core element of every IoT Solution.
  3. Building the algorithms as an asset: a lot of discussion at IoT World was still around the topic of where the value or profit pools lie and who will benefit the most. Click here and see more on Konker website!