Have you ever imagined keeping up in real time the development of your plantation? Optimizing even the consumption of natural resources? Solutions connected with meteorological sensors are already available in the market, as well as,irrigation systems, and water information, that will ensure a much more productive and efficient agriculture, contributing to food production.

Intelligent systems such as these, give farmers control over production of the planting season, allowing access to data that can influence the final production. This information can be monitored in real time, through different devices and from different locations.

Thinking about it, Konker platform has developed a solution focused on agriculture to help farmers, agronomists, and production teams in capturing and evaluating the most relevant data collected from systems, field sensors, and plant equipment. Besides presenting information, the tool ensures the automation of machines to ensure even better performance, resulting in increased crop yields and agricultural production.

The intelligent system also helps to reduce waste in the agriculture sector, and clearly shows a higher efficiency provided by the use of modern methods and innovative technologies to manage, monitor equipment, and generate even more positive results. Would you like to experience Konker’s platform in your business? We want to help you! Click here.