Companies with better internet security indexes tend to be better seen by customers. Despite the obviousness of that statement, not every company is aware of that matter before growing its own investments in the technology area. And the financial factor not only weights in that balance, but also the privacy of the users.

However, due to the growing demand for the internet and computing networks, ensuring the protection of data and personal information it is still a big challenge, even for the more advanced and solid systems – with the IoT this is not any different.

The fast and accurate maturation of the solutions produced by the IoT developers has already made viable the creation of platforms that allow the direct connection between devices in a secure way.

Proof of this is the statement of Oh-Hyun Kwon, Vice Chairman and global CEO of Samsung Electronics, who already trusts in the IoT not only as a business efficiency revolution, but also in its potential of life changing to the society. This is excellent news, because now developers also have at their side the big manufacturers, certainly leading the IoT security to a higher level of trust.

Another major issue to achieve a desirable level of security on the IoT is directly related to a good comprehension of these platforms’ functionalities by the users – whether it is an employee inside a company or the final consumer. it is important to bear in mind that no platform is completely safe if it does not count with the attention and care of its user.

Inside companies, to count on a good IT department is another essential point for having success in the real IoT experience. Well prepared institutions to deal with this new technology tend, in the future, to become the main reference in the market to the general public, leading them to the much-desired customer engagement to brands and products.

A further important point to have in mind is that the internet security is a constant concern and even though every technology faces its own limits, the IoT is already established as a flagship of a new era to the virtual universe.

The emergence of new platforms, such as those developed by Konker, makes possible a scenario that allows a more strict, automated and, consequently, flawless control during its process.

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