Approaching the client to the brand is one of the daily challenges of any company. But with the Internet of Things, this became easier. It is already possible to offer to the client personalized experiences, for example, when entering a store, the customer can automatically receive on a smartphone, connected to wi-fi, a welcome message from the establishment.

Another smart solution is when trying clothes on. A virtual mirror can try on the items for you, without you putting on and taking off your clothes, using only digital resources. An interaction that makes the purchase more convenient and fun.

Another IoT solution in retail is the smart displays, which can automatically identify the customer’s gender, and the machine is able to suggest products based on this information.

However, the benefits are not only for consumers, businesses also gain from the IoT solutions. With the Internet of Things you can monitor the customer’s time spent in the store, the sections that were most visited, among others.

Telemetry devices, sensors for automation of customer services, mechanisms for tracking customer’s time spent in stores, and location systems are just some of the key tools to retail operations. Innovations like this help retailers to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase sales.

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