Approaching the client to the brand is one of the daily challenges of any company. But with the Internet of Things, this became easier. It is already possible to offer to the client personalized experiences, for example, when entering a store, the customer can automatically receive on a smartphone, connected to wi-fi, a welcome message from the establishment.

Another smart solution is when trying clothes on. A virtual mirror can try on the items for you, without you putting on and taking off your clothes, using only digital resources. An interaction that makes the purchase more convenient and fun.

Another IoT solution in retail is the smart displays, which can automatically identify the customer’s gender, and the machine is able to suggest products based on this information.

However, the benefits are not only for consumers, businesses also gain from the IoT solutions. With the Internet of Things you can monitor the customer’s time spent in the store, the sections that were most visited, among others.

Telemetry devices, sensors for automation of customer services, mechanisms for tracking customer’s time spent in stores, and location systems are just some of the key tools to retail operations. Innovations like this help retailers to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase sales.

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In the rush of everyday life, not always we realize how much “cellphones” — which used to have basic features such as calling and sending text messages — have devolved and now are called smartphones. These devices have become true intelligent machines and have so many features that sometimes make irrelevant the fact that such devices also make calls.

The evolution of the Internet, which was previously only accessible through a computer connected to a modem or to a telephone line, currently allows a wireless signal to be received by any device with wi-fi technology. This has contributed to the creation of a world with solutions connected through IoT initiatives, in which the performance of different devices is controlled from a single command.

The connection of “things” is a very dynamic theme, with daily news, and goes beyond the devices presented by us in the post about “Things that can be connected with IoT.” Manufacturers of various types of devices are also on this journey and discovering the many ways to access and use the internet of things in business — consequently, making life easier for people. Today, companies which are making room for the Internet of Things are not only considered “modern”, but, in practical terms, are more competitive, and reference in their respective trade.

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The Internet of Things can be used and adapted to all types of business, including the logistics sector. For example, with the IoT technology in your business, it is possible to know where the delivery of your customer is, departure time, and arrival at the next destination, among other data.

To receive and manage information services, assist in the manufacturing process, supply and distribution of a company in real time, it is increasingly simple with the help of the Internet of Things. Some companies are already adopting intelligent solutions to facilitate the work and minimize the possibility of mistakes.

With the adoption of the IoT technology in the logistics segment, you can streamline processes, generate new business models with greater efficiency, control costs, and ensure that the delivery will be made at the right time. And most important, you have the opportunity to reinvent the customer’s experience with the service for which he purchased the product.

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Have you ever imagined keeping up in real time the development of your plantation? Optimizing even the consumption of natural resources? Solutions connected with meteorological sensors are already available in the market, as well as,irrigation systems, and water information, that will ensure a much more productive and efficient agriculture, contributing to food production.

Intelligent systems such as these, give farmers control over production of the planting season, allowing access to data that can influence the final production. This information can be monitored in real time, through different devices and from different locations.

Thinking about it, Konker platform has developed a solution focused on agriculture to help farmers, agronomists, and production teams in capturing and evaluating the most relevant data collected from systems, field sensors, and plant equipment. Besides presenting information, the tool ensures the automation of machines to ensure even better performance, resulting in increased crop yields and agricultural production.

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A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine being 100% connected. However, with the technological advances of the last decades, we are moving to a world in which all – or nearly all – of the solutions will be connected. All of these benefits are possible with “the third wave of the Internet”: the Internet of Things. But what are these “things”, characters of this smart world? Get to know some of them now:

  1. To fight an old problem such as forgetting to take medication — faced daily by thousands of people around the world – some companies have launched a smart bottle, which is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Similar to a conventional pill bottle, the object has sensor and transmitter and uses technology short-range wireless. Some drugs of continuous taking, for example, for treating hypertension, diabetes, and transplants, are now being distributed in this device.
  2. Keys locator via wireless – device that you hang on your key ring, and if you lose it, you can activate the browser on your mobile. This way, the object can be easily found.
  3. Ninja Blocks – device with temperature, humidity, motion, opening doors and windows sensor, that warns you by phone if there is any suspicious movement in your home while you are away.
  4. Smart Thermostat – object that measures the room temperature by the user. The device can identify which temperature the house should have in the morning, during the day, and evening. On the smartphone through an app, the user can control the thermostat, which has Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Nike + FuelBand SE – bracelet that records the movements of the user according to their own unit of measurement, known as Fuel. Data is stored on a smartphone app that connects to the bracelet via Bluetooth and is able to make assessments about the physical activities, to send reminders, and to give exercise tips for users.
  6. Stir Kinetic Desk – designed with the purpose of promoting the movement of the user during the work day, the object is a table that goes up and down. The table is able to learn the user’s behavior and, throughout the day, moves to take the worker out of the same position. Besides that, the table comes with a touch panel that changes the table position, to work sitting or standing, with a simple double tap.
  7. Smart Helmet – at the bottom right of the helmet visor, a small screen projected on the glass displays images from the back of the helmet camera that rotates 180 degrees, and smartphone GPS instructions. The system is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and allows the user to control music, send texts, and make calls.
  8. Smart Lock – it turns your smartphone into a key to open doors, since it connects to the “smart lock” via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is also able to automatically lock the door, to send alerts every time the door is unlocked, to capture a picture of who is knocking on the door and to create specific keys for people who need to enter the user’s home on a certain day and time.
  9. Smart Lamps – turn on and off the lights with just one touch on the phone. Through an app, the user can adjust the lamp according to a desired song, set when the light must be off, and also adjust it to blink when someone is calling your number.

Those are just a few examples showing that we are walking quickly to a world full of connected solutions at work, transportation, or in our own homes. Click here and see more at Konker website!

Konker participated in one of the largest conferences about the Internet of Things, the IoT World 2016 in Santa Clara – California, which happened between the 10th and the 12nd of May. The third edition of the event has attracted about 15,000 people, including companies working with IoT solutions, exhibitors and speakers. According to the IoT Analytics, some themes were featured during the event. Check out some of them below:

  1. Second wave of IoT: several panel discussions were presented at IoT World introducing the notion of a second wave of IoT. The IoT industry is moving on from just connecting things and trying out what works (wave 1) to actually developing new IoT-based business models (wave 2).
  2. IoT Security is being recognized as the part of the stack: a very positive development is the fact that IoT Security appears getting more attention and depth. It is no more seen as an inconvenient afterthought, but rather as a core element of every IoT Solution.
  3. Building the algorithms as an asset: a lot of discussion at IoT World was still around the topic of where the value or profit pools lie and who will benefit the most. Click here and see more on Konker website!