Approaching the client to the brand is one of the daily challenges of any company. But with the Internet of Things, this became easier. It is already possible to offer to the client personalized experiences, for example, when entering a store, the customer can automatically receive on a smartphone, connected to wi-fi, a welcome message from the establishment.

Another smart solution is when trying clothes on. A virtual mirror can try on the items for you, without you putting on and taking off your clothes, using only digital resources. An interaction that makes the purchase more convenient and fun.

Another IoT solution in retail is the smart displays, which can automatically identify the customer’s gender, and the machine is able to suggest products based on this information.

However, the benefits are not only for consumers, businesses also gain from the IoT solutions. With the Internet of Things you can monitor the customer’s time spent in the store, the sections that were most visited, among others.

Telemetry devices, sensors for automation of customer services, mechanisms for tracking customer’s time spent in stores, and location systems are just some of the key tools to retail operations. Innovations like this help retailers to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase sales.

In this context, Konker platform can help you in your processes and also benefit your clients. Did you like the idea? What do you think of making your store even smarter? Click here to know Konker!

The Internet of Things can bring great benefits for the growth and development of business. This is nothing new. However, how this technology works in the optimization process of resources for the industry, and can bring benefits in the production process?

The revolution in the technology of the Internet of Things in the industry is not based on simply inserting intelligence in objects, but linking the “things” to the business. All machines that composes the industrial area can be completely reconfigured, allowing managers to see in advance the signal of productivity loss or failures in operational processes.

Imagine using the Internet of Things to monitor, in real time, the preparation of raw materials, the development of process, and delivery of the final product. And best of all, in case of anomalies, having the option to act immediately or to let the connected solutions do the work they have been pre-programmed to do. There are many possibilities.

Konker will help you to integrate and view all assets that are part of the production process. Alerts related to improper performance of equipment, for example, will allow an understanding of the availability and idleness of machines, making it easier to view and adjust automatically and immediately what needs to improve.

Among the benefits of this technology is the reduction of problems, increase in productivity, and industrial capacity to improve results. Also, you can save resources with more agile processes and higher productivity.

These are some of the changes which are being reserved for the industry in the next few decades! The universe of possibilities of the IoT is one of the largest for resource management in the industrial sector. Do you want to know more? Please contact us, click here.

The Internet of Things can be used and adapted to all types of business, including the logistics sector. For example, with the IoT technology in your business, it is possible to know where the delivery of your customer is, departure time, and arrival at the next destination, among other data.

To receive and manage information services, assist in the manufacturing process, supply and distribution of a company in real time, it is increasingly simple with the help of the Internet of Things. Some companies are already adopting intelligent solutions to facilitate the work and minimize the possibility of mistakes.

With the adoption of the IoT technology in the logistics segment, you can streamline processes, generate new business models with greater efficiency, control costs, and ensure that the delivery will be made at the right time. And most important, you have the opportunity to reinvent the customer’s experience with the service for which he purchased the product.

Konker offers flexible, integrated, and easy solutions to use so you can discover, predict, and automatically correct anomalies. With the platform, you gain full visibility on the dynamics of the supply chain, production and transportation costs, and also a better communication with customers and suppliers. Do you want to learn how it all works? Please contact us, click here!

Konker participated in one of the largest conferences about the Internet of Things, the IoT World 2016 in Santa Clara – California, which happened between the 10th and the 12nd of May. The third edition of the event has attracted about 15,000 people, including companies working with IoT solutions, exhibitors and speakers. According to the IoT Analytics, some themes were featured during the event. Check out some of them below:

  1. Second wave of IoT: several panel discussions were presented at IoT World introducing the notion of a second wave of IoT. The IoT industry is moving on from just connecting things and trying out what works (wave 1) to actually developing new IoT-based business models (wave 2).
  2. IoT Security is being recognized as the part of the stack: a very positive development is the fact that IoT Security appears getting more attention and depth. It is no more seen as an inconvenient afterthought, but rather as a core element of every IoT Solution.
  3. Building the algorithms as an asset: a lot of discussion at IoT World was still around the topic of where the value or profit pools lie and who will benefit the most. Click here and see more on Konker website!