A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine being 100% connected. However, with the technological advances of the last decades, we are moving to a world in which all – or nearly all – of the solutions will be connected. All of these benefits are possible with “the third wave of the Internet”: the Internet of Things. But what are these “things”, characters of this smart world? Get to know some of them now:

  1. To fight an old problem such as forgetting to take medication — faced daily by thousands of people around the world – some companies have launched a smart bottle, which is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Similar to a conventional pill bottle, the object has sensor and transmitter and uses technology short-range wireless. Some drugs of continuous taking, for example, for treating hypertension, diabetes, and transplants, are now being distributed in this device.
  2. Keys locator via wireless – device that you hang on your key ring, and if you lose it, you can activate the browser on your mobile. This way, the object can be easily found.
  3. Ninja Blocks – device with temperature, humidity, motion, opening doors and windows sensor, that warns you by phone if there is any suspicious movement in your home while you are away.
  4. Smart Thermostat – object that measures the room temperature by the user. The device can identify which temperature the house should have in the morning, during the day, and evening. On the smartphone through an app, the user can control the thermostat, which has Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Nike + FuelBand SE – bracelet that records the movements of the user according to their own unit of measurement, known as Fuel. Data is stored on a smartphone app that connects to the bracelet via Bluetooth and is able to make assessments about the physical activities, to send reminders, and to give exercise tips for users.
  6. Stir Kinetic Desk – designed with the purpose of promoting the movement of the user during the work day, the object is a table that goes up and down. The table is able to learn the user’s behavior and, throughout the day, moves to take the worker out of the same position. Besides that, the table comes with a touch panel that changes the table position, to work sitting or standing, with a simple double tap.
  7. Smart Helmet – at the bottom right of the helmet visor, a small screen projected on the glass displays images from the back of the helmet camera that rotates 180 degrees, and smartphone GPS instructions. The system is connected to the phone via Bluetooth and allows the user to control music, send texts, and make calls.
  8. Smart Lock – it turns your smartphone into a key to open doors, since it connects to the “smart lock” via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is also able to automatically lock the door, to send alerts every time the door is unlocked, to capture a picture of who is knocking on the door and to create specific keys for people who need to enter the user’s home on a certain day and time.
  9. Smart Lamps – turn on and off the lights with just one touch on the phone. Through an app, the user can adjust the lamp according to a desired song, set when the light must be off, and also adjust it to blink when someone is calling your number.

Those are just a few examples showing that we are walking quickly to a world full of connected solutions at work, transportation, or in our own homes. Click here and see more at Konker website!