In the rush of everyday life, not always we realize how much “cellphones” — which used to have basic features such as calling and sending text messages — have devolved and now are called smartphones. These devices have become true intelligent machines and have so many features that sometimes make irrelevant the fact that such devices also make calls.

The evolution of the Internet, which was previously only accessible through a computer connected to a modem or to a telephone line, currently allows a wireless signal to be received by any device with wi-fi technology. This has contributed to the creation of a world with solutions connected through IoT initiatives, in which the performance of different devices is controlled from a single command.

The connection of “things” is a very dynamic theme, with daily news, and goes beyond the devices presented by us in the post about “Things that can be connected with IoT.” Manufacturers of various types of devices are also on this journey and discovering the many ways to access and use the internet of things in business — consequently, making life easier for people. Today, companies which are making room for the Internet of Things are not only considered “modern”, but, in practical terms, are more competitive, and reference in their respective trade.

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