To create new products and services in an increasingly connected world is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Thinking about it, Konker has created an Internet of Things platform that allows the creation of smart solutions in different  business areas – such as insurance, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing and retail – in an agile, simple, and secure way.

Konker can help you in two ways. The first one, you can build the IoT solution using the technology platform, the laboratory, and you can also count on the experience of Konker’s team to execute the project. The second one, Konker’s specialists, together with a network of partners, will deliver a turn-key solution for you.

Konker platform allows you to manage millions of devices, ensuring real-time connectivity, data analysis, and automated and intelligent decision-making. Connected products must have a comprehensive view of security to protect services,  data, and users. Based on this, Konker’s platform helps you to control the way users, applications, and devices are authenticated and authorized, and how data are protected during a transaction or a storage process.

Konker platform supports the main connectivity technology standards, communication protocols, microcontrollers, sensors, and intelligent market labels. Do you want to know how this works in practice? Ask for a ask for a demonstration, click here!