After the first wave of innovation, the Internet of Things is today a more “mature” technology. And the good news about the current stage of the development of connected solutions is how real and viable are now becoming the execution of all these ideas.

Never before the world of the future has been so close to become a reality. Proof of this is everywhere nowadays, with the rise of Smart Cities. In the first part of this article, we are going to discuss some of the best solutions in the IoT that are already on the streets.

Smart parking
Besides the presence detection sensors, which are capable of showing drivers vacant parking spots through light signals, today the IoT technology provides precise information about the space usage, showing the busy and the idle areas in the parking lots.

Based on this scenario, it is possible to produce solutions and generate more efficiency with the usage of certain areas dedicated to vehicles, reducing the idleness of these spots regularly empties, reclaiming it to other applications.

Urban mobility
When we talk about infrastructure planning, one of the biggest challenges of developing cities is the transformation of the urban flows. The top down model of public policy development has divided the structure of cities into residential, industrial and commercial areas. Those divisions ended up suffocating certain districts, affecting the urban mobility in large cities.

Modern concepts lead to another way of thinking – such as the bottom up. It is essential to have as many information of quality as possible before starting to invest in public policies. In this regard, the IoT offers connected solutions for dynamic environments, providing more accurate analysis for policy making.

Smart Roads
Today some GPS applications are capable to provide information to drivers almost in real time. The same is being made with some roads and highways. When using devices related to the IoT solutions, these roads are able to alert drivers about weather changes, traffic jams and dangerous conditions, in a simple and fast way. This can prevent crashes and save lives.

Found it interesting? It’s not over yet. Read more about the best Smart Cities solutions here. Konker produces connected solutions in the IoT for the Industry, Retail, Agriculture and Logistics segments.