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Three key IoT trends from CES 2017

by Rafael Ferraz for Blog, Media, News Leave a comment
Three key IoT trends from CES 2017

Now that CES 2017 has come to a close, we can reflect on some of the key takeaways from the event. Here we highlight three trends in IoT

THE IOT TERM IS DEAD – we’ll explain

At CES we hardly heard the word “Internet of Things” that was interesting. Companies no longer want to become “IoT companies”: they are thinking about connected as an evolution of their existing product lines.


The products that will succeed are the ones that can provide the highest utility besides only connectivity. It really isn’t about having the most robust feature set, it’s more about having features people will use every day.


If your product doesn’t have a sustainable business model besides only connecting it’s a recipe for failure. Consumers are becoming desensitized to the connecting feature – they want more. A example of this is Heatworks. Heatworks debuted a connected tankless water heater. It isn’t the first company to offer a tanklees water heater isn’t why consumers get excited about it. Heatworks succeed due to the added value of this product: It allows you to manage your water temperature precisely.

Temptraq was another example. They took the traditional baby thermometer and attached it to your baby with a sticker, Temptraq can track your child’s temperature throughout the day enabling you to monitor its progress. That’s a much better value than just connecting a thermometer to an app to have that to show to a doctor.

Finally, CES was a remarkable event.

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